1. The two parties are Laura Capaccioli and the Client.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, these conditions will regulate any work relationship between Laura Capaccioli and a client (person/company). They are not binding but viewing and possibly accepting them protect both parties from surprises or misunderstandings respecting the right/duty of transparency.

3. Any quotation or other request for prices or information does not bind either Laura Capaccioli or the Client.

4. Laura Capaccioli does not apply a fixed price list, as she prefers to analyse the actual needs of the client making every request unique. So she offers a customized service, always respecting high qualitative and professional standards.

5. Unless otherwise indicated or requested, each quotation is valid for one month.

6. The acceptance of the quotation, and therefore the commission of the work in question, must be confirmed by the Client by e-mail to the e-mail address Unless otherwise agreed, together with the e-mail of acceptance, a copy of the payment made through bank transfer for 25% of the commissioned work is required. With the acceptance of the quotation all these Conditions are entirely accepted.

7. Payment: 25% of the total amount when commissioning the work. 75% upon delivery. Methods of payment: through bank transfer. For very demanding translations, from an economic standpoint, in the interest of both parties, payments in instalments at progressive stages of the work and possible partial delivery of the work are required.

8. Laura Capaccioli does not require or foresee any minimum price. The quotation will be proportional to the actual work.

9. Methods of evaluation.

10. Once a price has been set and the quotation has been accepted, the Client can send the document to be translated, or revised, in any electronic format (floppy disk, cd, e-mail) or by fax, ordinary post, courier or in person, and has to specify the delivery method of the translated or revised documents, when not sending them by e-mail. Of course receiving the material in an electronic format allows one to work on the source text, respecting as much as possible the text layout, especially if this shows graphs, charts and diagrams. This implies also a lower operating cost of the work.

11. Laura Capaccioli reserves herself the right not to respect the quotation (price and/or delivery time) if, upon receipt of the work to be carried out, the material is different (both from the standpoint of quality and/or the quantity) compared to the requirements and to the conditions under which the quotation was made. Laura Capaccioli will immediately contact the Client to reach an agreement on a new quotation.

12. In case of changes - including when the work is being carried out - in comparison to the delivered or analysed material for the quotation, Laura Capaccioli reserves herself the right to make an assessment and a possible adjustment of the quotation.

13. Laura Capaccioli cannot be held responsible for possible delays in the delivery or inaccuracies in the translation due to missed, wrong, delayed, partially supplied material by the Client.

14. Upon the Client’s request Laura Capaccioli will return the documents received, even if she cannot be held responsible for any possible loss or damage.

15. Laura Capaccioli undertakes to deliver a correct work which respects any agreements made with the Client (for instance the use of a specific glossary).

16. Laura Capaccioli can be held responsible for possible grammar, orthographic, translating, typing mistakes and/or of wrong interpretation or understanding of the text, if these are communicated to her in writing by the Client within 30 days from the delivery of the work. Laura Capaccioli’s responsibility is limited to the free correction of the text. Once the term of 30 days has elapsed every claim towards Laura Capaccioli will expire.

17. For successful work some collaboration between the parties is obviously required. Laura Capaccioli can contact the Client for explanations, details, nuances that will allow her to do the translation into the required language in the best possible way. The Client agrees therefore to collaborate or, otherwise, cannot complain about the quality of the translation.

18. Laura Capaccioli cannot be held responsible for possible damages to the Client for the use of the translation nor can she be held responsible if the commissioned document violates the rights of third parties (regardless if they are third parties’ copyrights, trademarks, patent rights or other forms of ownership) or provisions of the law.

19. Laura Capaccioli reserves herself the right to modify these conditions without notice. It is understood that for the outstanding contracts the conditions in force at the acceptance of the quotation remain unchanged.

20. Communication by e-mail and signature in electronic format are to be considered binding for the parties.